The course module will focus attention on software packages such as MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, MS Access, and SPSS.

Different types of geographical data will be used for exercise.

•Introduction and Windows Basics
•Word Processing Using MS Word
•Spread Sheet Application Using MS Excel
Presentations Using MS PowerPoint
•Database Management Using MS Access
•Planning & Creating Tables
•Creating and Using Forms
•Creating Queries
•Producing Reports
•Working with External Data
•Statistical Analysis Using SPSS
•Adding & Editing Data
•Data Manipulation
•Working With External Data
•Data Analysis
•Producing Charts
•Data Analysis Using Computers – mean, median, mode, variations etc.
•Statistical Analysis Using MS Access

Continuous Assessments - 50%
End Sem Exam - 50%

Course Objectives: 

The objective of this course module is to provide a comprehensive knowledge of tourism and development. The main focus will be on the evolution of tourism and development theory, tourism and community development, socio-economic and cultural Impact, Sustainable tourism Development, and Economic Globalization and Transnational relations in Tourism.

Course Contents:

  • Introduction to Tourism: Tourism - A vehicle for development
  • The evolution of Tourism and Development Theory and concepts
  • Tourism and Economic Development Issues
  • Tourism and Regional Development Issues
  • Tourism and Community Development
  • Tourism Employment Issues in Developing Countries
  • Social and Cultural Impacts of Tourism Development
  • Tourism, Development and the Environment
  • Sustainable Development and Tourism
  • Globalization and Transnational relations in Tourism
  • Future of Tourism – Global and Local Tourism Trends
  • Etc..